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Dental Implants

Implants Dentist Mission Viejo

The loss of one or several natural teeth can have a dramatic impact on a person’s appearance, confidence, oral health, and overall quality of life. There are many options for replacing missing teeth, with dental implants being the most recommended. This treatment has many benefits; however, choosing the right dentist is crucial for achieving optimal results. Implant therapy involves a combination of the best modern technology and science, which is best implemented in an interdisciplinary approach. Successful treatment is dependent upon cooperation between the patient and all involved healthcare providers. It is important that all members of the team communicate … Read Full Article

Implants vs dentures

Dentistry has come a long way over the years. The primary way to replace missing teeth used to be with dentures, but over time, technology has allowed dentists other alternatives for teeth missing or lost from damage, age, or extraction. Many patients who walk into our offices struggle with the dilemma of whether to choose dentures or dental implants. Both are effective ways to replace missing teeth. But the advantages of dental implants far outweigh those of dentures. Denture-wearers have a number of common complaints. Gull set dentures to require extra care and attention. To keep them in good shape, … Read Full Article

Permanent Tooth Replacement Solution

If you are missing teeth, you have several options at tooth restoration. One of them is called dental implants. Dental implants are artificial ‘roots’ made of titanium that are placed into your bone where your missing teeth once were. The height of your bone is important to anchor the implant, if you have less than the required amount of bone, your dentist will augment the bone. Once your bone is at the correct level, the implant is placed surgically. Then, a healing abutment will be placed, after this, a healing period begins. This healing period will allow the bone to … Read Full Article

Advantages of dental implants

Made of titanium, dental implants offer many benefits to patients. According to experienced dentists, dental implants present advantages like predictability, increase in the range and scope of treatment options, aesthetics and durability, and conservation. According to the available statistics on dental implants, treatments have been found to be very predictable. The success rate of treatments is around 95% to 98%. As a result, more patients are encouraged to undergo the treatment on their own to resolve their problem of missing teeth while dentists confidently guide their patients through the process. The introduction of dental implants has opened up a whole … Read Full Article

Dental Implants have become a popular cure for people with missing teeth. This dental solution has helped many people put an end to their aesthetic misery. It has also helped improve the quality of life for many people. Dental implants act as a substitute and replacement for the roots of teeth which are missing. Implants take on the role of an anchor for replacement teeth. In this manner, they resemble natural teeth and are anchored securely to the jawbone. This ensures that patients do not experience the pain of exposed nerves or gum irritation which is seen in other dental … Read Full Article

Dental implant technology has come as a boon for millions of patients around the world who suffer from missing teeth. Teeth may be lost due to aging, disease, accident or injury, or in some cases, one or more teeth may be missing from birth. In all such situations, the patient’s general health, oral functionality and the physical appearance gets compromised to some extent. But over the last two decades, dental implants have created a revolution in the field of restorative dentistry. Patients no longer need to suffer the limitations arising from missing teeth, nor do they need to go for … Read Full Article

Advances in dentistry have led the dental implant procedure to become one of the best treatment options for a patient who has lost a tooth or several teeth. Whether teeth have been lost to gum disease, accident, or decay, dental implants can restore functionality, health, and beauty to the smile. When surgically placed by Dr. Mark A. Cruz, dental implants can last a lifetime with excellent oral hygiene. After dental implant treatment at Dr. Cruz’s office in Dana Point, patients in Mission Viejo and beyond experience the ability to live an active lifestyle without worrying about ill-fitting dentures. They see … Read Full Article

Dr. Mark A. Cruz remains on the cutting edge with advances in dentistry. He believes it is critical to keep patients informed about studies in the dental field that can affect decisions regarding their oral and overall health. Findings of studies published in Medscape Medical News show dental implants can survive in patients with uncontrolled diabetes. Theoretically, diabetes can affect dental implant survival because bone formation is altered and the risk for infections increases. However, researchers did not identify a connection between elevated blood sugar and complications or failure of the implants. Among 19 patients with uncontrolled diabetes, implants that … Read Full Article

Your smile says so much about you, and if you are facing tooth loss, you may be wondering what your options are for replacing your missing teeth to restore your beautiful smile. At the dental practice of Mark A. Cruz, DDS in Dana Point, CA, patients have many options when it comes to replacing lost teeth. One of the most popular options is a dental implant. Read on to learn more about the benefits of dental implants that make them so popular, the process for placing them, and the factors that determine the cost of your implants. Benefits of dental … Read Full Article

According to the American Dental Association, five million dental implants are placed each year in this country alone. In skilled, experienced hands, the procedure has an excellent success rate. How can this be the case, when so many people have oral challenges? Dr. Mark Cruz explains how he addresses special cases at his Dana Point, CA practice, so that most patients can be candidates for this beneficial treatment. How dental implants restore smiles in Dana Point, CA Adequate bone is an essential element of a successful dental implant. When periodontal disease is present, a tooth has been missing for a … Read Full Article

Meet Dr. Mark Cruz

Dr. Mark Cruz Dr. Mark Cruz graduated from the UCLA School of Dentistry in 1986 and started his dental journey in Monarch Beach. He is a well-known lecturer internationally, and he was a part-time lecturer at UCLA. He gives individual attention to each patient while creating a friendly and enjoyable dental experience. He makes the patient a part of the dental procedure, educating them about the problem at hand.

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