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What are the advantages of dental implants?

Advantages of dental implants

Made of titanium, dental implants offer many benefits to patients. According to experienced dentists, dental implants present advantages like predictability, increase in the range and scope of treatment options, aesthetics and durability, and conservation.

According to the available statistics on dental implants, treatments have been found to be very predictable. The success rate of treatments is around 95% to 98%. As a result, more patients are encouraged to undergo the treatment on their own to resolve their problem of missing teeth while dentists confidently guide their patients through the process.

The introduction of dental implants has opened up a whole new approach to helping people with missing teeth. Dental implants have enabled dentists to replace teeth in areas of a patient’s mouth that could not be replaced before by any other means. This fact has encouraged a large majority of people to undergo treatment with dental implants to have their missing teeth replaced in difficult areas in the mouth.

Aesthetics and durability are other attractive benefits of dental implants. Under the care of an experienced dentist, dental implants can be used to bring about an array of cosmetic benefits to patients. For example, for patients who use dentures, dental implants have been used to provide a solid foundation. As a result, dentures in such patients are extremely firm and patients need not worry about the dentures coming loose, unlike with adhesives. Dental implants offer great benefits in durability, as well. Dental implants have been known to last a long time without hindering the patient in any way.

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Lastly, the dental implant placement procedure is one that is conventional in nature. Unlike the dental bridge procedure which needs the preparation of adjacent teeth to complete the process, dental implants do not hamper the integrity of other teeth in a patient during the placement process.

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