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About Dr. Mark Cruz

Dr. Mark A. Cruz Mark A Cruz graduated from the UCLA School of Dentistry in 1986 and started a dental practice in Monarch Beach, CA upon graduation. He has lectured nationally and internationally and is a member of various dental organizations. He was a part-time lecturer at UCLA and a member of the faculty group practice and was past assistant director of the UCLA Center for Esthetic Dentistry. He has served on the National Institute of Health/NIDCR (National Institute of Dental & Craniofacial Research) Grant review Committee in Washington D.C. as well as on the editorial board for the Journal of Evidence-Based Dental Practice (Elsevier) and is currently serving on the DSMB (data safety management board) for the NPBRN (national practice-based research network.

Dr. Cruz has been practicing dentistry in Orange County since 1986. He graduated from the University of California in Los Angeles with a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree in 1986. He is a happily married father who lives in Laguna Niguel.

Dr. Cruz with his beautiful family

Dr. Cruz with his beautiful family
Dr. Mark Cruz with his family, Image-2
Dr. Mark Cruz with his family, Image-3

Mission Statement

To provide excellent dental care in an empathetic environment. No detail is overlooked, and significant consideration is given toward the individual needs of each patient.

Vision Statement

To make the “patient-centered practice” an accessible, mainstream approach for dental care via the integration of patient preferences with the leading dental science and clinical expertise. Patients are educated on treatment alternatives to gain a complete understanding of available options while balancing the risks and benefits with short-term and long-term financial and biologic considerations.

Philosophy Statement

Treatment dictated by patient needs and desires, while maximizing predictable longevity and conservation of tooth structure where indicated. Patients should have the freedom to choose from among definitive treatment and alternative treatment options. Patient involvement is promoted through two-way communication and transparency. Pleasant patient experience and satisfaction with care are prized. Dr. Cruz and his team foster long-term relationships through the type of open, clear communication that promotes trust.

Links to Active Dental Affiliations

In addition to Dr. Cruz’s philanthropic work and community involvement, he is active with a number of industry and dental organizations. Please click on the hyperlinks below to learn more about Rotary International’s Thousand Smiles Foundation, as well as other rewarding organizations and their missions.

Meet Dr. Mark Cruz

Dr. Mark Cruz Dr. Mark Cruz graduated from the UCLA School of Dentistry in 1986 and started his dental journey in Monarch Beach. He is a well-known lecturer internationally, and he was a part-time lecturer at UCLA. He gives individual attention to each patient while creating a friendly and enjoyable dental experience. He makes the patient a part of the dental procedure, educating them about the problem at hand.

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