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Implants vs Dentures

Implants vs dentures

Dentistry has come a long way over the years. The primary way to replace missing teeth used to be with dentures, but over time, technology has allowed dentists other alternatives for teeth missing or lost from damage, age, or extraction.

Many patients who walk into our offices struggle with the dilemma of whether to choose dentures or dental implants. Both are effective ways to replace missing teeth. But the advantages of dental implants far outweigh those of dentures.

Denture-wearers have a number of common complaints. Gull set dentures to require extra care and attention. To keep them in good shape, maintain a healthy mouth, and prevent bad breath, dentures must be removed, cleaned, and cared for in a special manner, different than natural teeth. They require regular check-ups with your dentist to ensure the proper fit over time. They typically do not last as long as other restorations and will need to be replaced regularly.

Another very common complaint from denture-wearers is ill-fitting, loose dentures that won’t stay in place, slip, or fall out. Dentures can also cause discomfort for many, resulting in sores and mouth pain.

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Dental implants are a permanent fix for missing teeth. They are placed into the gums and become part of the bone in your jaw. They are strong, durable, looking and functioning just like natural teeth. Implants do not require extra care like dentures – just your usual good oral hygiene. Dental implants can also be used in conjunction with dentures as a way to “clip” dentures into place and provide extra stability and strength.

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Dr. Mark Cruz Dr. Mark Cruz graduated from the UCLA School of Dentistry in 1986 and started his dental journey in Monarch Beach. He is a well-known lecturer internationally, and he was a part-time lecturer at UCLA. He gives individual attention to each patient while creating a friendly and enjoyable dental experience. He makes the patient a part of the dental procedure, educating them about the problem at hand.

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