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Airway Focused Dental Services

Airway Centered Dentistry in Dana Point CA Area

“Dentistry” is primarily associated with diagnosing and treating conditions affecting the teeth and gums. We at Mark A. Cruz, DDS in Dana Point, California, are early 15 years innovators in a type of dentistry that is characterized as “airway centered.”  Airway centered or airway focused dentistry As humans have evolved and dietary changes have occurred, our airway has become smaller. This process has resulted in a health crisis. Our airways need room to function as intended. The healthy function involves breathing through the nose. Due to the changes mentioned, insufficient room is available for the airways to support consistent and … Read Full Article

Airway Focused Dentist at Mark A Cruz DDS in Dana Point Area

Patients who live in and around Dana Point, CA, are fortunate to have a pioneer and leader in airway-focused dentistry in their own backyard. As a dentist who trains other dentists in this approach, Dr. Mark Cruz has exceptional knowledge and experience in identifying and resolving the many problems that arise due to a deficient or dysfunctional airway. An unobstructed airway is essential to move oxygen through the body. So, problems with the airways can have severe implications for your overall health and quality of life.  The “airway-focused” difference Our team‘s analysis and care transcend the teeth and gums and … Read Full Article

In Dana Point Area Dentist Explains the Airway Paradigm

Dr. Mark Cruz is a board-certified dentist who specializes in airway dentistry, treating patients in the Dana Point, CA area. He recognizes the important link between your facial structures and your overall wellbeing. The structures of your face — your nose, throat, jaw, etc. — directly impact your body’s ability to draw breath. Issues in any of these areas can lead to other health problems and potential facial distortions. Dr. Cruz specializes in working with patients with airway issues, identifying the cause, and offering effective treatment solutions, from myobrace treatments and myofunctional therapy to orthodontics and special dental appliances. The … Read Full Article

In Dana Point Area Dentist Talks about the Importance of the Size of the Airway to Help you Breathe Easy

Dr. Mark Cruz specializes in airway dentistry, helping patients in or near the Dana Point, CA area breathe easy. He works closely with patients to help them understand the importance of the size of the airways that channel oxygen in and out of the body, as well as the different treatments available for patients with a variety of airway issues. The Importance of the Size of Your Airway Taking consistent, clear breaths is a critical part of your well-being. When everything is working well, it can be easy to not notice how much of your mental and physical health is … Read Full Article

The Airway Focused Dentist Office in Dana Point, CA Area

Your breath is a central part of your overall health. Restricted airways can impact your ability to breathe, lowering your quality of life and affecting all the different systems of your body. Limitations in your breathing are easy to notice and respond to when awake but can be easily overlooked during sleep, leading to uncomfortable days and complicated health problems. Research has revealed the strong connection between your jaw and your airway’s ability to function correctly and provide you with a consistent, responsive breath. Dr. Mark Cruz is a board-certified dentists offering airway-focused dental treatments at their office in Dana … Read Full Article

How Dysfunctional Breathing Habits and Patterns Affect Daily Life in Dana Point Area

You have probably heard about obstructive sleep apnea. It is usually explained as a disorder that causes the airway to collapse or become blocked during sleep. To understand how that can happen, we need to consider how the airway functions, and what may lead to a dysfunction. Your Dana Point dentists, Dr. Cruz can help you understand the problem and find solutions. Why the resilience and stability of the airway is important Often, physicians look at the size and shape of the airway. If the passage is small or crowded, of course, breathing dysfunction is more likely to occur. However, … Read Full Article

How Dysfunctional Breathing Habits and Patterns Affect Daily Life in Dana Point Area

If you were asked to name something that you cannot live without, what would come to mind? You might think about your family, your closest friends, or even a beloved hobby. The most accurate and literal answer would be something that we tend to take for granted – air. People in Dana Point and around the world struggle daily with ill health effects caused by dysfunctional breathing habits and patterns. Surviving vs thriving If you could not breathe, you could not survive. However, robust health and optimal quality of life requires more than just survival, and more than minimally functional … Read Full Article

A New Perspective on Airway-centered Disorders in Dana Point, CA Area

Dr. Mark Cruz of Dana Point, CA is well known for his commitment to helping patients achieve better health and overall wellness. His practice goes far beyond caring for teeth. In fact, sometimes issues such as malocclusion and crooked teeth are not even the primary problem, but rather a symptom of a much more serious airway-centered disorder. As a leader in the emerging science of airway focused dentistry, Dr. Cruz regularly participates in mini residencies.  Simple braces may not be the answer All too often, crooked teeth, malocclusion, and similar problems are treated as a simple condition, and “corrected” with … Read Full Article

In Dana Point, CA Area, Dentist Helps Patients Understand the Rationale Behind Airway Orthodontics

Airway obstructions can impact your ability to breathe comfortably and consistently. These issues can lead to a large number of more complicated problems, including loss of sleep, heart issues, and daily discomfort. Dr. Mark Cruz has a deep understanding of the way your oral structures impact your airways and breathing patterns. They specialize in diagnosing breathing disorders and offer a wide variety of treatments for patients in or near Dana Point, CA. Patients with complex issues like craniofacial dystrophy will benefit from understanding the rationale behind airway orthodontics and other procedures that can restore or reopen collapsed or compromised airways. … Read Full Article

In Dana Point, CA Area, Patients Receive Expert Care to Achieve Optimal Physiological Airways and Breathing Patterns

Your breathing patterns are an often-overlooked but nonetheless a critical part of your daily life. Life comes from breath, and steady, deep, consistent breathing keeps your body healthy, your blood oxygenated, and your sleep undisturbed. Dr. Mark Cruz has a deep understanding of the way your dental structures impact your breath and breathing patterns. Small problems in your mouth can have a big impact on your ability to breathe comfortably and effectively. If you’re experiencing sleep disturbances or breathing difficulties, Dr. Cruz can offer treatment to achieve optimal physiological airways and healthy breathing patterns in Dana Point, CA.  Airway Focused … Read Full Article

Meet Dr. Mark Cruz

Dr. Mark Cruz Dr. Mark Cruz graduated from the UCLA School of Dentistry in 1986 and started his dental journey in Monarch Beach. He is a well-known lecturer internationally, and he was a part-time lecturer at UCLA. He gives individual attention to each patient while creating a friendly and enjoyable dental experience. He makes the patient a part of the dental procedure, educating them about the problem at hand.

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