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How dysfunctional breathing habits and patterns affect daily life in Dana Point

How Dysfunctional Breathing Habits and Patterns Affect Daily Life in Dana Point Area
How Dysfunctional Breathing Habits and Patterns Affect Daily Life in Dana Point AreaIf you were asked to name something that you cannot live without, what would come to mind? You might think about your family, your closest friends, or even a beloved hobby. The most accurate and literal answer would be something that we tend to take for granted – air. People in Dana Point and around the world struggle daily with ill health effects caused by dysfunctional breathing habits and patterns.

Surviving vs thriving

If you could not breathe, you could not survive. However, robust health and optimal quality of life requires more than just survival, and more than minimally functional breathing. The reality is human development, including the shapes or our airways and even our faces, has changed over time. That coupled with pollution and other modern environmental factors means that oxygenation is a far greater challenge than it was for our ancestors.

Dysfunctional breathing can impact your health in ways you might not imagine, for two reasons. First, it inhibits proper oxygen intake. Second, it can prevent quality sleep. Optimal functionality of the mind and body require proper oxygen and adequate rest.

It is time to stop masking symptoms and start restoring health

Unfortunately, much of today’s healthcare system revolves around treating symptoms, often with prescription medications. An adult with insomnia and mood swings might be prescribed hormone replacement or sleeping pills. A child with behavioral problems and ADHD symptoms may be prescribed Adderall. The medications might ease the symptoms, but also cause a host of unwanted side effects.

What if the solution for these, and many, many other common ailments were literally right under our noses? What if medical professionals took the time and made the effort to determine the underlying cause? What if restoring functional breathing could improve health, increase physical energy, improve cognitive function, and end the need for prescriptions? In many cases, that is exactly what airway-focused healthcare can do.

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Breathe better, sleep better, feel better

If you suffer from fatigue, chronic or recurring health problems, sleeping disorders, or symptoms that doctors have been unable to diagnose, you might be wondering if breathing dysfunction is a factor. Call (949) 661-1006 and schedule an evaluation with Dr. Cruz to find out.

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