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Myofunctional Therapy

Myofunctional Therapy Dentistry is more than just cleanings and fillings. In fact, Dr. Mark Cruz continues to expand his knowledge in the field of dentistry and offers a wide range of therapies, including airway focused treatments. Myofunctional therapy for sleep apnea and mouth breathing is an area of concern for him. Oral myofascial therapy is often recommended and includes a specific program of exercises that are developed to strengthen the facial muscles and the tongue for improved breathing, eating, and talking. When Dana Point, CA patients participate in myofunctional therapy, they can improve many areas of their life, including their sleep. This is because a weak tongue may contribute to a sleeping disorder called obstructive sleep apnea, which can cause a host of issues in patients and impact their daily life and health.

Why myofunctional therapy?

Myofunctional therapy is often suggested by Dr. Mark Cruz for patients who are dealing with weak muscles of the face, including the tongue. By participating in treatment, patients can improve the position of the tongue in the mouth, chew their food more efficiently, and swallow correctly. This impacts more than just oral health and wellness, but also one’s overall functions daily. Dentists and orthodontists can use myofunctional therapy to address many issues associated with the muscles of the face effectively and affordably.

What are the benefits of myofunctional therapy?

Treatment is:

  • Non-invasive
  • Affordable
  • No-risk
  • Effective for CPAP users
  • Alternative therapy for sleep apnea
  • Beneficial for patients with GERD/heartburn
  • Used to reduce neck pain and headaches
  • Beneficial for TMJ/TMD patients
  • Non-medicinal
  • Used on both children and adults

Are you interested in oral myofascial therapy?

Call the office of Dr. Mark Cruz at (949) 661-1006 to discuss this and other airway focused treatments available for patients. His facility is in Dana Point, CA at 32241 Crown Valley Parkway, Suite #200.

Meet Dr. Mark Cruz

Dr. Mark Cruz Dr. Mark Cruz graduated from the UCLA School of Dentistry in 1986 and started his dental journey in Monarch Beach. He is a well-known lecturer internationally, and he was a part-time lecturer at UCLA. He gives individual attention to each patient while creating a friendly and enjoyable dental experience. He makes the patient a part of the dental procedure, educating them about the problem at hand.

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