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Dentistry Services in California

The state of California has over 100 shopping malls. The primary reasons shopping centers are so popular are convenience and familiarity. Shoppers drive to one spot and find just about everything they need. They become accustomed to the layout and get to know the staff at their favorite stores. It's no surprise that busy patients in California also enjoy building a trusting relationship with a dental practice that provides the convenience of a broad range of dentistry services.

Dr. Mark Cruz has been tending to the varied needs of patients in and beyond Orange County since 1986. He keeps their mouths healthy and their smiles gorgeous with:

Preventive Care

The hygiene team at Mark A. Cruz, DDS, focuses on helping patients prevent oral problems. We want you to avoid that discomfort, additional time in the dental chair, and added expense. We utilize advanced technologies for professional cleaning and early detection, and keep you enthused about home care. Our CAMBRA protocol minimizes occurrence of dental caries. We use an organized approach to reduce risk of periodontal disease; with gentle treatment options should it develop.

We take our commitment to your quality of life a bit further than most dental practices with treatment plans for TMJ-TMD and airway issues that contribute to sleep disordered breathing.

Restorative Treatments

Gold is ideal for dental restorations. It is biocompatible (not harmful to living tissue), non-reactive (won't discolor from mouth acids, foods, or beverages), and of similar hardness to natural tooth enamel. Many dentists are simply not trained in the use of cast gold restorations for teeth that are damaged by decay or trauma. Dr. Cruz has a great deal of expertise in this area.

He is also very experienced in restoration methods such as stand-alone crowns for damaged teeth, and dental bridges and implants to replace missing ones.

Cosmetic Dentistry

When your dentist has the heart of an artist and the hands of a surgeon, every procedure has an aesthetic element. Some of our most popular options for show-stopping smiles are professional teeth whitening with custom-fit take home trays, and gorgeous porcelain veneers.

Enjoy the peace of mind of a long-term relationship with an experienced dental team you trust, and the convenience of a varied service menu. Become a patient of Mark A. Cruz DDS by calling (949) 661-1006 today.

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