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Dentist For Correction Of Tongue Tie Condition

Video Transcript

That’s like you, lied to me ah. Let me hear it, let me hear it. Every day conversation wasn’t something that came naturally to six-year-old Mason Motz. He is been in speech therapy since he was a year old. Nothing was really working. You know he had probably a fiver vocabulary and we were just looking at alternative means of communication. Mason was diagnosed with Sotos Syndrome which caused him to have distinctive facial features and learning disabilities. But it did not quite explain why he couldn’t speak. Until a trip to the dentist revealed Mason was biologically tongue-tied. When you are in Eudora and you are a mom you have webbed fingers and webbed toes. Your developing your tongue as part of the floor of your mouth and it separates similarly with the same process. And a tongue tie is simply an incomplete separation. Masons dentist caught the issue during a checkup and fixed it. His mom says the results were immediate. We took him home that evening and then he started talking about, I am hungry, I am thirsty, can we watch a movie, like blowing our minds with these full sentences for the first time within you know seven-eight hours of coming home and just like it was just shocking. Mason is still going through speech therapy. But the procedure has also improved his life in other ways. His mom and doctor say he no longer has problems sleeping or choking while he is eating. And he is just vibrant and he sleeps well. And he I mean he is just precious and a joy and it is wonderful to be a part of seeing that transformation and being a part of that transformation for him. Masons mom said she is glad she kept working to find him the help he needed and urges other parents to be persistent in seeking medical advice. They should trust their gut instinct about their child and if you think that something is going, Doctor may tell you one thing but keep looking and keep trying because you are usually right, you know your child best.