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ALF Appliance Dr. Naomi Hillel

If your child or adolescent suffers from crooked teeth then ALF orthodontics might be just the solution. Symptoms of poor teeth/jaw relationships could include snoring, improper bite, thumb sucking, and even breathing congestion. Instead of hefty braces or retainers, ALF orthodontic technology which stands for alternative light wire forces introduces a corrective option via tongue positioning in the mouth that carries an integral aspect in facial growth and formation into adulthood.

Braces and orthodontic treatment is necessary to straighten crooked teeth in school-aged children and adolescents. However, if we take a minute to consider why children have crooked teeth or poor jaw relationships and address the cause of mal-infusion we can help children get on to the path of correct facial growth patterns. Doctor Naomi Hillel explains the method of ALF orthodontics, and how it can be utilized in people of all ages as well as the impact of correct breathing swallowing, and chewing on children’s facial growth and development. Now we will learn some of the habits that children have that cause their teeth to be crooked as teens and adults. “It may seem unimportant but the position for a child’s tongue determines how the whole face will grow. Normally the tongue rests up in the palate during breathing and swallowing and acts as a natural pallet expander. If a child has a low resting tongue he is prone to mouth breathing congestion snoring, restless sleep, or sleep apnea and is likely to have or have had habits such as thumb or pacifier sucking or lip licking or biting. These children often have underdeveloped jaws and crowding of adult indentation.”

Dr. Hillel explains how ALF orthodontics works in relation to a child’s facial growth.

ALF stands for alternative light wire forces – an orthodontic method taught at the ALF institute by doctors Jim Bronson and Tasha Demos and the integral part of ALF treatment is to address improper tongue position a frequent cause by lack of jaw growth and improper bite. A very thin flexible wire is placed on each jaw which exerts a gentle pressure. The wires on the inside are not visible and it is adjusted monthly unlike the palatal expander that is used in conventional orthodontics the ALF leaves the palate open so the child can integrate tongue function with the appliance in the mouth. The child also sees a Miofunctional therapist to learn correct breathing and oral muscular patterns. In addition there are periodic visits to a cranial osteopath who releases any cranial strain patterns thus enabling the bones of the skull to grow harmoniously along with a correctly growing jaw. Finally retainers are not necessary because the retrained musculature holds the teeth in place as nature intended”.

In the short amount of time that we began treatment we have seen alt of big improvements in not only the alignment of his teeth but how he is functioning during the day because he is breathing more efficiently and sleeping better at night. We have also noticed big changes in his gait when walking and running and in his posture when he is standing which is fantastic.

Doctor Naomi Hillel and her highly trained team are guiding our child’s facial growth from a healthy airway.