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How long will a crown last?

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The duration that a crown will last depends on a variety of factors. Primarily, it depends on the diagnosis and the quality of service received by the patient. The quality of service depends on the dentist’s, as well as the laboratory technician’s contribution. Hence, a crown that is well made in accordance with the right diagnosis is predictable and will last for decades, causing little stress and giving the patient peace of mind.

A dental crown-based treatment process starts with a laboratory procedure. Initially, an impression of the affected tooth is taken and sent to the lab for preparation. Once received by the dental office, the patient is called and the lab-prepared dental crown is placed and cemented onto the affected tooth. For the structurally weak tooth, proper form and function are restored.

Unfortunately, if a patient refers the actuarial tables of the insurance companies, it will be evident that the companies pay for a new crown every five years. This means that statistically, that’s the length of time that dental crowns last. However, if a patient seeks the services of a professional and experienced dentist using a similarly qualified lab technician, then the results will last much longer than five years.

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Even though crowns are excellent in addressing issues like losses in tooth structure, they can fail for many reasons too. Such a failure can result from a patient’s pre-disposition to tooth decay. It could also be caused from an excessive bite force. Furthermore, a patient’s oral habits can take a toll on dental crowns, causing them to fail in their task. Therefore, in order not to require a dental crown in the first place, it is paramount that patients take care of their teeth. So once a dental crown is placed, they will not need to have it replaced either.

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