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Dentist in the Laguna Niguel area highlights studies to help patients with uncontrolled diabetes make the best decisions regarding dental implants

Dr. Mark A. Cruz remains on the cutting edge with advances in dentistry. He believes it is critical to keep patients informed about studies in the dental field that can affect decisions regarding their oral and overall health. Findings of studies published in Medscape Medical News show dental implants can survive in patients with uncontrolled diabetes. Theoretically, diabetes can affect dental implant survival because bone formation is altered and the risk for infections increases. However, researchers did not identify a connection between elevated blood sugar and complications or failure of the implants. Among 19 patients with uncontrolled diabetes, implants that were placed had not failed after one year.

In another study, researchers followed 117 patients with a total of 234 implants. Two mandibular implants were placed in the mouth of each patient to retain an overdenture. The researchers placed the overdenture on the implants after a four-month healing period and followed up with each patient for a year.

The researchers categorized the patients by their glycated hemoglobin levels. The 50 patients with levels of 5.9 percent or lower did not have diabetes. The 47 patients with levels between 6 and 8 percent had well-controlled diabetes. The 20 patients with levels of 8.1 percent or more had poorly controlled diabetes. Among the three groups, the highest level was 11.1 percent and the highest level recorded during the study was 13.3 percent.

The patients were assessed during the healing period after the implants were placed. There were also follow-ups three, six, and twelve months after implant restoration. Implants were categorized as having "survived" if they lacked signs of clinical findings consistent with failure of the implant to integrate or other reasons preventing restoration of the implant. Implant survival rates a year after restoration were not statistically different among the three groups.

For those who suffer from uncontrolled diabetes in the Laguna Niguel area, dental implants may be the best solution for tooth loss. However, it is critical to schedule a consultation with Dr. Cruz to determine if dental implants are right for them. He will thoroughly examine the health of the mouth, teeth, gums, and bone before prescribing a diagnosis and tailoring a treatment plan to meet individual needs.

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