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New High-Resolution Pulse Oximetry for Sleep Breathing Disorders in Dana Point, CA

New High-Resolution Pulse Oximetry for Sleep Breathing Disorders in Dana Point, CA Area
New High-Resolution Pulse Oximetry for Sleep Breathing Disorders in Dana Point, CA AreaSleep breathing disorders can disrupt nearly every part of daily life, affecting your mood, your performance at work, and your overall health. If left untreated, these disorders can lead to serious health conditions.

 Every day there are new advancements in the field of diagnosing sleep breathing disorders, so it’s important to keep up. Dr. Mark Cruz works hard to stay up-to-date on technological advancements. They are proud to offer state-of-the-art High-Resolution Pulse Oximetry devices for diagnosing patients living with sleep breathing disorders in or near Dana Point, CA. These non-invasive devices give an accurate, reliable account of your sleep patterns and can help your doctor understand what options may be available to you to restore your ability to get a good night’s sleep.

What to Expect from a High-Resolution Pulse Oximeter

If you’re experiencing symptoms of a sleep breathing disorder, your doctor will work closely with you to determine the underlying causes of your symptoms and help you understand the options available for treatment. They use advanced high-resolution pulse oximeters to monitor your heart rate and the oxygen levels in your blood over the course of one or several nights, studying your sleep habits and the patterns of any interruption. This work requires careful, close study, so they rely on the most advanced and well-calibrated equipment available.

If your symptoms are related to a sleep breathing disorder, your doctor will likely send you home with a high-resolution pulse oximeter, which you’ll wear overnight. These devices are small and comfortable and shouldn’t interfere with your normal sleep routine.

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Over the course of the night, these highly-attuned devices will store and record your heart rate and oximetry in 1-second intervals. This data remains in the device and can be easily returned to your doctor for examination. They’ll review the information recorded by the device and come to an understanding of what is interrupting your sleep and how they can help.

If you’re exhausted, irritable, depressed, or experiencing any other symptoms that may be caused by sleep interruptions, talk to Dr. Cruz today to learn what options for treatment may be available to you. To schedule an appointment for a consultation call (949) 661-1006.

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